My Pharmacy App

Now with Video recording capability  
Use secured Video Chat Recording to document & automatically generate Meds Check forms.

The Future of Pharmacy



- Designed & Built on robust IBM  software.

- Completely customizable by you for your customers and your pharmacy workflow. 

- Offers new and existing customers the convenience of ordering new RX FILLS/REFILLS and OTC without waiting.

 - Automated RX refill reminders to keep continuous contact with your patients. 

- Integrated with your pharmacy software to reduce waiting time and data entry errors. 

- Promote targeted services and products with sponsorship potential. 

- Integrated TELEMEDICINE Service. 

- The APP Monitors patient vitals and Drug adherence at home for early intervention using AI (Artificial Intelligence). 

- Have more time with patients to offer PAID cognitive services (Like Meds Check) .

- Use secured Video Chat Recording to document & automatically generate Meds Check forms.

Introducing White Label (Full Video)

MypharmacyApp provides an easy and secure way for Pharmacy patients to remotely place orders at their convenience. With 24/7 access, patients are able to avoid queues at the dispensary counter.

How to setup your pharmacy mobile APP

Follow below steps to create your pharmacy APP

Fill & Sign the Mobile App Reservation Agreement

Download the "Reservation Agreement". Complete, sign and fax the agreement to 905-415-0265.


Select and configure MypharmacyApp

Once your reservation agreement is approved, You will receive your login information to customizing your pharmacy App.

Upload customer information

Use your pharmacy software system to export your customers' profiles and login to the website to upload the customer's profiles to your Pharmacy App.
Alternatively, you can select customized application - customization cost applies - to individually upload each customer's profile on demand.

Receive your customer PINs

After uploading your customers' data we will send you a list of unique PIN number for each customer of your pharmacy to allow them immediate access to your pharmacy App.

Market your pharmacy App to your customers

Now MyPharmacyApp is ready for your customers to use, give each of your customers his/her PIN to download MyPharmacyApp from the App store or Google play and use their PIN to access and personalize the App.

Receive App orders and fill prescriptions

login to our website using your UserID & password to view your customers' orders, prescriptions, insurance, payment method, updated medical profile,....etc. review each order and transfer it to your pharmacy software to complete the filling.


Register New Patients

Pharmacy patients are pre-registered for immediate use of the App.

Update Patients Profile

Provides up-to-date Medical profile details directly to your pharmacy system.

Find Medication Easily

Search list of medication, compare price easily and add to shopping cart.

Fill New Prescriptions

Fill new order in few seconds directly to your pharmacy software.

Refill Reminders

In addition, provides users with customized services such as Refill and appointments reminders.

Takes Picture of the Rx

App takes picture of the prescription and instantly sends it encrypted to your pharmacy.

Payment & Insurance

Provides payment options such as insurance or Credit Card for each order.

Pharmacy Transfers

Fill or transfer prescription(s) at another pharmacy easily in few steps.

Mobile App Reservation Agreement

Downlaod PDF File